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The Exposure of Humanity to the Vacuum of Space

Dreamed 1999/6/5 by Anonymous #37

I was a scientist, attempting to find a way to save the Earth. I tried various chemical mixtures, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. Then, the report came that it was too late. I went outside and looked up. One patch of the night sky had a huge number of stars compared to the rest. This was because there was no atmosphere in that portion of the sky to block the view of the stars. This hole in the atmosphere widened, until we were all exposed to the vacuum of space.


Anonymous #37 has so many apocalyptic nightmares I nearly put them all on a single page and examined them as a unit. But I didn't want to create they impression they're a cluster or a recurring dream wrestling with an issue; I'm not sure they are. They're quite diverse, and span at least six years. Still, maybe I'm wrong and they ARE recurring dreams. I'll list four more of them below; read in one go, do they seem like parts of a whole? If so, what are they collectively saying?

--Chris Wayan

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