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My Fairy Princess Palace

Recurrent dream, 1992- by Kavitha Subramaniam

From the time I was a little girl, I dreamed of living in a fairy princess palace. Not just a fairy princess palace, but a palace with plenty of pink, red, purple, and magenta color walls, doors, floors, and ceilings inside and outside. Maybe parts of the walls and ceilings will be blue and/or orange. The windows will be orange, purple, pink and magenta, and one roof will be red and the roof outside will be mahogany. The entire house is colorful including bedrooms, basement, dining room, living room, bathrooms, the attic and the garage.

There will be 4 suites upstairs with 4 pink and purple bedrooms, and 4 colorful bathrooms in each suite. All bedrooms will have fit four beds in each, and every room will have one closet. The bedrooms will be pink, purple, blue and magenta with fairy and princess decals, decorations and designs on the roof, ceilings and walls All the bathrooms will consist of pink, magenta, and purple toilets and blue shower stalls and blue bathtubs, plus a nice luxurious spa.

Along with that, the attic will be on the top suite with 3 guest rooms and 3 full bathrooms. The guest rooms will also be pink, purple, blue and magenta with fairy and princess decals, decorations and designs on the roof, ceilings and walls. Just like the bedrooms, these guest rooms will hold four beds. Large crayon drawing by Kavitha Subramaniam of her dream house, a tall, rectangular house painted hot colors.

The living room, dining room, hallways, kitchen, and the basement will have pink, purple, magenta, and blue colored walls, ceilings, roofs, too. Fairy type furniture such as sofas, coffee tables, and shelves, decals on the walls, roofs and ceilings will be put in the living room. In the front room, there will be a brown fireplace and in there will be a shiny, purple chandelier in the living room. There will also be a full colorful bathroom in the living room.

The kitchen will have a pink, purple, magenta, and blue microwave, exhaust fan, stove, and blender. The kitchen cupboards and cabinets, dishes and the utensils we use to eat and cook with will be the same colors. The dining room will have a huge colorful table (pink, blue, red and magenta), with pink, red, blue, and magenta colored chairs.

The basement will have plenty of room to dance, sing, play games, and have parties. Just like the 4 suites upstairs, there will be four more rooms and bathrooms in the basement. In addition, there will be a nice party room, exercise room and indoor playground inside the basement. The rooms in my basement will be a lot bigger than the rooms in the upstairs suites because everybody may want to sleep in those rooms together like it is a big hotel room.

The kitchen, dining room, living room, and basement will be large enough for big parties and for several people to show up in each get-together.

In the backyard, there will be a nice and attractive fairy garden with fountains, fruit and vegetable plants, and tables and benches for everybody to relax and lounge around in. Inside the garden, there will be a fairy swimming pool with several water slides and water rides which children and adults enjoy. The pool will be opened all year round, and will be covered with an air bubble in the wintertime. In between the pool and the garden, there will be a nice fairy picnic area with pink, blue, purple, magenta and red picnic tables, picnic chairs, and picnic benches. Bordering the swimming pool will be an attractive fairy playground for people of all ages including adults. The playground will consist of swings, playhouses and slides, seesaws, monkey bars, and rocking horses and other riding toys. Beside the playground, there will be a sports court where babies and children ride their tricycles and bicycles, while the adults ride only bicycles. Along with that everybody can ride his or her tricycles and bicycles at the same time. Plus the sports court will be utilized for playing basketball and other ball games.

There will be 1 television, videocassette recorder (VCR), and DVD player in the attic, living room, and basement. I will even put a nice CD Player and Personal Computer in the basement, too. All toys will be placed neatly in the basement, attic and some of the bedrooms in the upstairs suite. The sparkly purple chandelier will be in the basement, living room and the dining room. There will be a laundry room between the living room and kitchen with a washer and dryer, to put the vacuum cleaner, and a ledge to place vacuum bags, detergent for clothes, fabric softener, and the iron box. In all 6 suites there will be a thermostat. All rooms will have a nice ceiling fan upstairs, in the middle and in the basement.

Looks like everybody will want to come over to my deluxe house once they hear about it and its luxurious features.

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