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Fairy Urges a Worktable

Dreamed 2009/7/15 by Wayan

A fairy urges me to take home a free table. A foot tall, insect antennae, wingless. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

I climb Bernal Hill toward home. Funny, it's lower than I recall. Approach my house, a sprawling stone antique on the east side of a rather bare cobbled plaza. On the south side, I spot a friend who I have a crush on. Stop to chat.

She's a fairy--delicate, smallish, light. Like most fairies she's prone to believing her own whimsical stories. She tells me one--of a fabulous table I won with great bravery, a legendary table that'll magically aid my drawing.

The table's sitting right here, of course. Set out in the plaza for anyone to take for free--just an old wooden chair and table, about 80 x 120 cm. Legendary, phooey. She's sitting on it!

But she's right--I could cartoon on this. And paint. The area's no bigger the meter-square card table I use now, but she points out "A long rectangular workspace just works better! Palette and paints at one end, art at the other."

So I lug the chair into my house. Go back out and start to lug the table...

...and wake. Apparently my dream didn't care about logistical problems--just that I made the right decision. So... dream over!


A fairy, a foot tall, insect antennae, wingless. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


I dithered, I was cheap, I delayed for nine months...

And then I got offered a long narrow oval kitchen table a good 140 cm long.

Suddenly I found myself MUCH more productive! That fairy was quite right. It seems the details of your workspace do matter. Profoundly.

I'm glad I finally followed fairy prompting--finally. I'm still fighting my bad habit of leaving love on the back burner, though.


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