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Dreamed 1992/7/1 by Chris Wayan


I go into a store to buy an accessory for my printer that's on sale. The salesperson turns out to be a friend of mine. A while back I asked a big favor of her, and she reluctantly did it. Now she avoids me, sure I've come in asking a new favor--when all I want is for her to do her job--sell me the accessory!

Still... her wariness is understandable. A couple of other friends have told me I beg to be exempt from rules. Women friends warn me I try to charm them. How often do I rely on favors? It's sure rebounding now.

Wait... I borrowed a CAR from a woman! And a woman we know borrowed a second car from her... she has two cars to lend out? Weird!

And then the lender just DIED.

Now what? Long murky legalities--I'm inclined to keep the car, for I'm poor and her heirs are rich and don't need it. But I don't want to fight over it if they want it. On the other hand, the second borrower cares very much, for she NEEDS that car--that's why her friend lent it to her. I don't really care. I THINK I just want to be paid something for delivering it to her heirs--for my trouble.


Wake up puzzled and uneasy.


The dream comes half-true. My housemate Cory asks "I have to leave town with my brother, can you bring my car back from the shop? I can't."

"No, I don't want to. I had a nightmare about this, before you asked me--a warning." Not to mention I'm sick, and don't feel safe driving!

She says "OK, I'll find someone else."

But next morning I find a note from Cory. Couldn't find anyone. She left me $500 for the mechanic, and the key--wants me to go down to the garage and get her car. I ignore it. Afternoon, she calls long distance, worried about her car. I pretend I didn't see the envelope. Grudgingly I agree to call the mechanic, rather than reiterate I want nothing to do with it. I call the guy. Car's not done! Another hour. She calls again, I call the mechanic again... So it goes for hours, gnawing at my day, trapping me. At eight PM the guy finishes, and drives it over as an apology for being so late with a rush job. But it needs paperwork signed in the office, so I still must go down there. I've been sick all day, and I'm getting worse now. I can't drive back, and can't wander around looking for a bus. I can barely stand...

So I ask my other housemate Lily to drive me. She grudgingly does. I get cramps so bad I can't even sit up. She ends up having to drive and fill out all the papers while I writhe in pain, lying down in the back, groaning "Ohhh."

The dream was right... yet wasted. Despite my efforts, I couldn't avoid this nightmare.

"Why didn't you tell Cory no?" Lily snaps in the car going home. She goes over a bump and I wince.

"I did. She left it for me anyway."

"You need to talk to her about it. I don't want bail you out all the time because you commit to things you can't do!"

"I didn't commit to anything. I said no over and over, and she just dumped it on me!"

But Lily doesn't care. Somehow they're both mad at me, both calling me weak and lazy!

As I twist in pain, and wish I'd stayed in bed all day with my door locked...

Why do my psychic dreams even bother?

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