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Figure Drawing: PEEKABOO

nondream figure drawing 1989/1/2, 14 x 17", by Chris Wayan

I hadn't yet found a life-drawing class (later that year, I did) so I drew this loosely based on a photo from an old pin-up calendar. I suppose that's obvious--the pose is so blatantly coy--though at least two models I know could've come up with this pose and found it hilarious.

nude model lies on side, on a couch (blue with purple rose-pattern); she hides her face behind a magenta satin robe. Figure study by Wayan. Click to enlarge
I liked her because she's so contradictory in a way I recognize inside me: horny and shouting for attention at one end, warily watching you all at the other. I've been there. In fact I'm still there. I live there.

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