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Fox Storm

Digital picture of a dream, 1998, by Chris Wayan
I dreamed I was a fox by the sea in a terrible storm.
The waves were beyond all my power, my foxy tricks.
You can fool some of the powers all the time,
and all the powers some of the time,
but you can't fool all the powers all the time.
The P.S. in the lower right says:
It took just one minute! WHOOSH!
So... is it art?
And if art takes labor...
are test-tube kids people?
I'm a small fox facing a huge storm-wave. The storm-winds form a huge fox-face; but then, the whole landscape is formed of tiny overlapping foxes. Dream painting by Wayan; click to enlarge.

I like compound images: here, a gigantic face and landscape, painted with a brush made of tiny foxes. God and us mortals, if you like. Only the little elements build up the big face. Is that true of the universe too? Is God (and other big bugaboos) just the sum of all perceivers? I might have been less cowed by the face in the storm, if I'd seen it was made of little foxes just like me--INCLUDING me.

This intricate image really did just take a minute or two to paint on screen--though that's disengenuous, since I swooshed with my fox-brushes many times till I got a storm-face that felt true.

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