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Fruit Right Off the Tree!

Dreamed 1997/10/16 by Chris Wayan

A friend's backyard, in the tropics. She's sitting in a big metal scoop on a long hydraulic earthmover-arm. Or maybe it's one of those crows'-nests-on-an-arm that utility workers use when there's no pole to climb. A song plays, and the arm lifts her up to a treetop. She leans out and bites a fruit hanging from the tree, as her best friend and I watch in delight--she calls down that it's papaya or mango, but they don't look a bit like either one, more like nectarines. Fruit hanging from a tree. A woman says 'Kiss the fruit!' to a figure who does just that.

Whatever it really is, the fruit symbolizes happiness in this culture. To eat the fruit from the tree directly, with no hands, is the ultimate in sensuality. It certainly looks sexy to me as she does it. Kissing the fruit, nibbling and biting and sucking...

But it's rare to find ripe fruit you can reach, it's all picked. For her to do this is auspicious.

Technology CAN serve happiness!

Happiness IS reachable!

The people cheer...


Or... ALL of them?

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