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Late 1995, digital picture-poem with dream intrusions by Chris Wayan

For me, the path to finding love is difficult, elusive, convoluted.

This picture, playing with 3D, was an attempt to render that confusion, that sense of being a dog following an elusive scent through the fog. Sort of a spiritual "Where's Waldo?"

As far as I can see, most of us are living in Fog Heart City.

Follow the gender signs in and out and see how you do. Chutes and ladders, isn't that love?

Male and female symbols form tangled paths that people and creatures follow seeking love
I admit that last line is ambiguous. "It's hard to find one's kind" means both "It's hard to find someone of your own rare type" AND "it's difficult to discover you're too kind--the whole game is that much harder, even painful, because you're too softhearted to compete with rivals, too kind to fight with lovers when you should, so you tend to give up. Damn empathy!"

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