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Giraffetaur Grove

Dreamed 2009/7/27 by Wayan

I'm standing in a pleasant shady grove. Outside is a golden, shimmer-hot, dry-grass plain. The grove shelters a herd of giraffes--but it seems giraffes aren't what we thought. They're rather centaurian, with a delicate but quite functional pair of arms high up, near the head. Sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan: two giraffelike centaurs with delicate arms, kissing, in a shady grove; savanna beyond.

That neck is not as long as in my memory of African giraffes, though these giraffetaurs still loom over me--three to four meters tall (10-13').

Their heads are more oval, too. Oh. Those strange knobby vestigial horns are gone! Just mobile deer-ears. And huge, far-seeing eyes. Intelligent eyes. Between nibbling leaves, those mobile lips carry on conversations, and some of their slender hands hold tools.

One thing hasn't changed--their gentle, trusting nature. For good reason! They have no enemies. Even lions learn early not to pester folks with a kick like that. The giraffetaurs don't mind me a bit, just glance and smile and go on with their business.

As I wander the grove, they look stranger yet--even a bit skeletal. Eerie. They have oval holes to save weight high up, exposing bonelike struts of shining chrome--are they cyborgs? They seem to have hydraulic rods, pistons and swivels in spots. Their necks may even be telescoping, to some extent, and their jaws certainly use hydraulic pistons to get the chomping and grinding power they need for leaves and twigs, without a lot of weight. Efficient, but high-tech.

Who designed these people? Not God or Darwin--even Model 1.0 was hard enough to explain, with that tall neck's blood-pressure problems. But it's even harder to see how evolution or a fundamentalist God would insert chrome-plated pistons and hollow bones with oval cut-outs.

True, they're an elegant, light solution... but it looks alien. Just not human style somehow, and certainly not...

...natural? What does that word mean to Nature, beyond "it works"?

Gradually I realize I've overlooked another possible architect. Architects.

Did they engineer themselves?

Pencil sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan: head neck and arms of a giraffelike centauroid seen semitransparently, showing a metallic skeleton with hydraulic pistons.


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