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Goat with a Human Head

Dreamed 2008/7/12 by Steve Carter

I was walking around a hilly farm, going to my brother's house, when I spotted a very white fine hairy goat. He was owned by an old woman who had a little hut on the top of the hill. When I got near the goat, I saw his head was human! I went closer to look at him, but he backed away, and watched me from a distance.

Near where he had stood, I saw a matchbox and three used matches.

I carried on walking until I saw a very bright sunrise. Next I lost my way, then I reached some waterfalls.

I came back to my brother's house and had a rest under the coconut tree and thought about that goat. Even in my dream, I couldn't believe what I saw.

--Steve Carter


I believe it. What worries me is that I also believe we have a pyromaniac goat here. Goats are always trouble, but a goat arsonist is really trouble.

Although... how could he hold the matches?

--Chris Wayan

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