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Dreamed 1981/2/14 by Chris Wayan

I dream I'm reading a collection of Gus Arriola's GORDO, the first comic by a Mexican-American to make it in the mainstream. Gordo lives in small-town Mexico in a house full of animals. He's a gentle, chubby, slightly vain guy with an eye for girls and an intermittent streak of poetry.

The dog and the cat and the owl are all gossiping on the fence one night about Fatso.

"What a beautiful girl he's got in there today," says the dog.

"And what a beautiful come-on line he used on her," says the cat.

"But," adds the owl, "his eyes are bigger than his..." and they all crack up in laughter, which of course poor Gordo hears as howling and screeching. He may not understand them, but they understand him. He's more interested in the hunt, in feeding his vanity, than in sex--or the girls he chases.

Uh-oh, I think. Am I like Gordo? Is it true my ego wants a girlfriend more than my body does?

And I wake, hearing the snickers of three smart animals inside. And there's nowhere to hide.

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