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Dreamed 1997/5/14 by Chris Wayan

A young woman consults with me--she's another shaman, responsible for a small village. She's trying to devise a cure for someone--thinks the patient needs a big dance where everyone contributes energy, so the client will feel how much the community cares. I agree with the general plan; what she wants is advice on the dance ritual. "Getting the right rhythm for the dance is the main thing," she says.

Soon as she says this, I sense a rhythm that feels right for me, a combination of 6/4 time and a step that goes 2-3 forward, one back--rather like part of the Haitian dance called Merengue, the part just before you break the slave-chains. That fits with my life right now... but maybe not with this patient's.

But I suspect that any dance, ANY technique is likely to work that focuses your whole community on helping to heal you. That much attention has power!

You almost HAVE to get well, with all those people needing you!


Sound advice for healers worried about the details of their healing techniques. But valid for my self-healing too. I've been meeting my survival needs better, and now I've graduated to desires. The dreams says WHAT desires don't matter as much as publicly announcing what I want, feeling no guilt about wanting, and choosing friends and community who SUPPORT those wants.

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