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Dreamed 1984/5/14 by Chris Wayan

A teenage girl I know lives on a ranch with her beloved dog, a beautiful Saluki hound. One day the dog goes into heat--turns wildly affectionate, begging to be petted, played with, rubbed between her legs. To her surprise, that turns the girl on. ink/scratchboard girl and horse dance, surrounded by roses.

She decides to go for a ride to escape temptation; but in the barn, saddling her horse, he scents her arousal and gets turned on too. She hesitates, then opens his gate and runs out of the barn, round the corner, to a private field. The horse follows at her shoulder, cock swelling to a frightening size. But she slips her clothes off and ducks under his stomach and hangs onto his forelegs, bending over... she wondered if she'd need something to stand on, but her legs are long enough so she can rub up against his belly. He slides his cock between her legs and waits for her fingers to guide it up to her cunt...

Slowly, impossibly, he shoves inside her.

Slow, massive, intense, shuddering pleasure for them both. Their auras merge, closer than most human lovers ever get. And glow like a bonfire.

How do I know? I can feel it from my spy's nest, high in the barn around the corner.

Yes. I watch them.

"No wonder she loves her pet," murmurs a second watcher over my shoulder in wonder and admiration. Can feel it too.

He's right that her horse isn't just a mount. He's mounting HER, right now, after all. But... pet isn't the right word either. Lover. When your souls unite so visibly, that's the only word. No matter what human supremacists may say.


Lots of dreams have symbols for sex. Here, I think sex is a symbol for something else! Yesterday, I took time off and rested. Stretched on my bed, in slow yoga. Felt slow waves of happy relaxation... it's difficult for me to let peace in, it takes time, like a human girl fitting a stallion in. But it felt so good when I finally TOOK the time... Treating my body as an equal, not a mount to order around. As someone I love, not own.

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