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His Visit Home

Dreamed (or hallucinated) 1924/5/15 by Anonymous #26 as told by Louisa E. Rhine

The wife of a petty officer of the U. S. Navy had an unusual experience one night in 1924. Her husband had recently been transferred to duty on a vessel with a special mission, one which made communication with those at home difficult and infrequent. She, with their two-year-old son and her husband's mother, was still living at the base in Florida. It had been several weeks since she had had word from her husband and she had no idea of his whereabouts. Then, as she says,

During the early hours of the morning of May fifteenth I awakened suddenly from sound sleep with the strange feeling that my husband was in the room, and, although the room was actually in pre-dawn darkness, it appeared to me as daylight, and I saw my husband come through the door, come to my bedside, smile, pass on into the next room where our little son lay in his crib, then return to my bedside. Then he vanished and the room became dark.

I realized I had only seen a 'vision' but was somewhat comforted as it seemed to have brought me a message that all was well with my husband and that no doubt he was thinking of us at home, and I soon went back to sleep. At daylight, however, I wakened somewhat earlier than was my usual habit at that time, still with the sense of sweetness of the experience, and arose to go to the next room and tell my husband's mother about it.

At that moment, my husband, in the flesh, came into the room in uniform exactly as I'd seen him in the vision! Upon comparing notes, it developed that at the very moment when I'd seen him by telepathy he had been on the train coming from New Orleans where his ship was in port, and since he thought he would arrive at home before I would awake, he was going over in his mind a plan to do just what I'd seen: to go to my bedside, then to the next room to look at his son in the crib before returning to my bedside to waken me. We were both quite delighted with the knowledge that his thoughts had been conveyed to me so exactly that the experience seemed real to me.

SOURCE: Hidden Channels of the Mind by Louisa E. Rhine, 1961, p. 24-25

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