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Account before 1961, by Anonymous #28, as reported to the Rhine Institute.

A woman in Oregon, one day, while washing dishes, took off her engagement and wedding rings, as was her custom, and laid them on a shelf near the sink.

"It was a warm day and remained warm into evening," she relates, "so we decided to have a wiener roast outside. I got busy with preparations for that and forgot all about my rings.

"Later, after the children were in bed, I thought about my rings and went to get them. They were gone. I felt faint. My husband helped me look. We looked through all the garbage. I took everything off the shelf where I had put them. We even looked under the dining-room and living-room rugs. I swept every inch of the kitchen and no rings. It was getting late by this time and my husband was tired, so he went to bed. He wanted me to stop looking and get some rest but I told him I couldn't sleep until I found my rings.

"This doesn't seem possible but it happened! I was standing at the kitchen sink, trying to hold back my tears, when suddenly something told me to look in the ice-cube tray. I rushed to the refrigerator, pulled out the ice tray and there were my rings, frozen in a cube of ice. I was so happy I rushed back to tell my husband. We started talking it over and he remembered coming into the house in the dark and without turning on the lights he opened the refrigerator, pulled out the ice-cube tray for ice and reached for some glasses into the cupboard where my rings were. Then he filled the ice tray with water again and put it back in the refrigerator. He had never replaced a tray of ice before and hasn't since. Just that one time he replaced the ice tray. He didn't know my rings were on that shelf. "I remember at the time I received the message or whatever it was, I had a funny sensation. What made me look in that ice tray?"

SOURCE: Hidden Channels of the Mind by Louisa E. Rhine, 1961, p. 30. Account untitled and author's name witheld; Ice-Tray and Anonymous #28 are my additions for indexing only.

--Chris Wayan

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