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Isle of the Blest

199011/9, digital picture (just 16 colors back then!) by Chris Wayan

A tribute to the great Japanese artist Korin's 17th-century picture of the same name... but also to my recurring dreams of, and identification with, kitsune--Japanese fox people. I'm the red fox here, wanting to reach the Isle of the Blest; but afraid to swim the channel.

A brocaded islet with a twisted pine. Fuji looms on the horizon A lonely red fox looks across a strait to the island of love and foxes. But the waves are made of fear...
The sundering waves were painted entirely with two tiny digital brushes, made of the words "sex" and "fear." The distant Isle, where foxes meet their soul-mates, was painted with a brush consisting of one word: love.

LISTS AND LINKS: Japan - paradise - loneliness - sex - love - fear - swimming - foxes - compare with "Pet the Fox" - compound, fractal and self-similar images - pure digital art

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