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The Key is "Here", but Beware

Dreamed 2012/3/8 by Eleanor


I was looking for info on nested dreams [falling asleep or waking up in a dream; dreams within dreams]. They are not always pleasant--and often seem to bear some relation to lucid dreaming, or perhaps pseudo lucid dreaming...

As mundane dreams are excluded from your site, quite understandably, I wondered if you had any info/links/comment on the fact that the majority of my very frequent nested dreams are a direct continuation of going to sleep, to the extent that it isn't possible to ascertain when the dream began. Often these dreams include memories/lucidity of previous nested dreams, such as recognition that when I find it really difficult to 'wake' up, I'm actually still asleep...

Falsely waking up like this can happen multiple times, as you say--and can be quite disconcerting!

Anyway, last night I had a more interesting single nested dream I wanted to share:


Lying in bed, one arm overhead with the curtains open as usual, I was enjoying relaxed contemplation of the Self [non-dual enquiry/advaita vedanta]. Waking slid imperceptibly into dreaming.

Quite unexpectedly it occured to me that the Key to the Self was not 'Now' but 'Here'. Very briefly there was a moment of excitement and clarity, before my body started shaking and convulsing violently. It felt like a battle with something, and a choice needed to be made whether to fight or submit. As happens in moments of fear, time moved quite slowly and I knew I had either been possessed by the devil, or God, but had no way of knowing which. (And believing in neither, it was terrifying either way.)

I was clearly aware of my ego's fear, and this led me to trust and surrender to the experience, to disappear as an individual [vedanta practice again].

Further waves of painful convulsions passed through my body, but the fear gradually subsided. Then, when I tried saying 'Here' out loud, I could hear how strange... And devil-like my voice sounded; very low, slow and phlegmy--like a synthesised impression of a whale. My face contorted into a hideous sneer, and I only knew myself as a demon, shivering and cold, as well as sweating.

The phone rang--just one ring--and I woke up... Phew!

My arm was still overhead, and I was very cold and shivering. I quickly realised that my shivering cold, and perhaps the whole dream was due to my quilt only partially covering my body. It was billowing up and down, and my bedroom was freezing! In the fuzziness of being woken in the middle of the night, I felt disoriented, wondering whether the phone really had rung, and why my quilt was billowing. As my eyes became accustomed to the darkness, I turned my head, and could see that my window was wide open, although I hadn't opened it since last summer.

And hanging down outside the window was the phone, ominously suspended on a piece of string. I was frozen with terror at the realisation of the trap before me... Someone wanted to murder me, and was in or around my house!




--Chris Wayan

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