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King Kong Crab

dreamed 2008/9/20 by Wayan.

We're showing off San Francisco to
the new girl in our sorcery school.
She senses (and thus, I suspect, may lure)
beings from other planes--though I'm unsure
whether they're animals, people, or
superhuman forces--weaves of pure power!

A shadow falls. Look up. Past glass towers
a silent slice of bright orange ring
skyfloats, linked to a rod blocks long.
Starship, or praying mantis? This thing
she's drawn is... how vast? Can't see it all--
the scrapers hide wide swaths. Below,
pigeons, cars and crowds all fall
hushed, still as eclipse. And we too go
silent, bow heads, close eyes. Off it glides,
a King Kong crab. Or ship. Or geometric cloud.
Slowly terror fades; we dare to talk aloud.

I talk with a classmate I long to know more:
small, lovely, brilliant. But shadowed by
that bold monstrosity, all we can talk
is shop: such inadvertent gramarye.
Turns out we both use a similar trick
to minimize (we can't prevent)
such hazardous breakthroughs of awe:
mentally, we fire-walk around
their outlines. Spirit-silhouettes!
We think roundabout them, yet
never think of them, and thus do not
manifest Things we might regret.
At least not often. Not fatally. Yet.

Here in the City, our caution seems right.
Mystics seek wild shores
not for their own peace and quiet!
For yours, my friend. For yours.


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