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Let Me Dream!
(Laissez-Moi Rever!)

Dream-painting, spring 2007?, by Marie-Claude Girondé

Dream-based oil painting, 'Laissez-Moi Rever!' (Let Me Dream!), by Marie-Claude Girondé.
Photo of painter Marie-Claude Girondé


Girondé has the hunt of the unicorn right: her own sleeping shoulder becomes a horse's neck, her dream-self's arm becomes a hoofed foreleg. You don't find what you seek in dreams: you become it. Nor is the dreamer the only one transforming. Notice the unicorn's foreleg also functions as an incipient horn rising from the horse's forehead. Dreams, too, seek their own unicorns, regardless of the waking mind's quests.

--Chris Wayan

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