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Lions and Tigers

Dreamed before 1924? by William Archer's friend

A friend of mine dreamed that he was at the Zoological Gardens, and observed that, while the tigers were closely caged, the lions were allowed to roam at large. He enquired the reason for this, and was told that it was because the lions believed in the immortality of the soul, and in a future state of rewards and punishments.

Thereafter he went about in a mood of no small trepidation lest the lions should change their theological opinions.

--William Archer, On Dreams, 1935


I rarely post second-hand dreams (except before 1900; in less literate ages, accounts written by friends are often all we have). But Archer's On Dreams shows him to be a precise and unbiased dream-reporter. I suspect Archer neither invented nor misquoted his friend, though the dry humor is probably Archer's phrasing. Playwrights know where to put a punchline.

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