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Dreamed 1999/11/24 by Chris Wayan

I'm in San Francisco, on a green ferny slope covered with little terraces linked by stairs. Tiny cascades everywhere, tables with parasols--a vertical cafe! Tourists everywhere--you can tell by the cameras and clothes. Locals wear variations on an established San Francisco style: big shiny boots, minidresses with high necklines, and wide shiny vinyl belts, rather like 60s go-go without the beehive hair.

I walk up to one of these local women, a total stranger, and feel her up--stick my hand up her dress and pat her cunt casually, as if shaking her hand!

What's more... I've been going around town doing this--and no one objects at all. They act as if it's the San Francisco Hello, like kissing on each cheek in Paris. The etiquette seems to be: when a girl likes this and wants more, she just leans into it and I slip my fingers in or even kneel and slide her skirt up a bit and start licking her pussy there in public. Those who aren't interested just smile and don't actively invite me to go further, that's all. No one EVER objects or gets angry--they all seem to find it polite, rather flattering... gallant!

Local custom, local style? Then why don't I see anyone else at all doing this?

Only me.


My mom was a sex-negative feminist who mistrusted men, so I'm slow to flirt and always worry I'm being creepy. So for me, this isn't a simple sex fantasy or wish-fulfillment dream. The cheerful mood and open, casual sexuality is (given my background) quite alien, indeed bizarre.

Even in San Francisco, the dream scenario isn't exactly realistic, but... really, it's no sillier than the austere, asexual view of women I was taught. And maybe it is pretty realistic. Unless I try, I'll never know.

ACTION: Quit being so shy. Show your honest sexual appreciation--no one minds. It's flattering, even to those who aren't interested. And some are.

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