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Dreamed 1989/3/21 by Chris Wayan

It's Love Day--the new national holiday dedicated to love. You get to kiss and touch strangers in public. It's okay to ask ANYONE out. You can say no, of course, but it's considered inexcusable to mock or tease anyone for asking, no matter how pathetic their come-on may be...

I'm in a Boston bar, called CHEERS. Yeah, the one made famous on TV. Carla the waitress has found a man. They were getting married, broke up, but have now recommitted. Hugging and kissing. Diane, the other waitress, gives them both a warm hug. He opens his eyes and looks into hers and squeezes her and his face inches forward and kisses Diane, with Carla a bit to the side but squeezed between them. And Diane responds. Intense passion! Oh, they try to make it seem just the day's effects (everyone's horny on Love Day) but it's not. They are going to fuck, if they can keep Carla from killing them. They don't want to dump Carla--Diane's always admired her, even when Carla scorned her...

But could Carla ever accept a triangle? Won't she force him to choose one of them? Carla loathes Diane, right?

We'll find out.


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