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Dreamed 1994/12/2 by Chris Wayan


I'm reading "Beggars in Spain" by Nancy Kress, about a not-so-distant future where a spoonfed, ignorant majority sponges off a gifted working minority--while mocking the few who keep the power and food and entertainment coming. Their contempt for the gifted who feed them brings up flashbacks of my own childhood experiences of normal people's fear and resentment of prodigies...

THAT NIGHT Paint-sketch of figure with long hair, red shirt, blue jeans sits on a roof looking down at three shadowy figures who glare back.

I'm on my parents' street, except the hill slopes the wrong way. A gang of clever young men have deduced I'm not a normal human. They jump me, and demand that I hand over the key to my powers! I don't know what key they mean--my abilities are inherent. They seem to think "having abilities" is like "having a car."

Rather than get beaten up, I toss the contents of my pockets down the steep street. Marbles and coins roll... they chase. Freed for a moment, I turn and run into the wind, flapping my arms hard as I can. And I take off! Not much lift--only rise if I go all out. I worry one of them may have a gun, though I'm otherwise out of reach now, around ten feet up. I skim off around the corner... free!

Later, I come back. They're lying in wait for me. This time, having nothing left to give them, I just laugh angrily. "You fought over the crap in my wallet didn't you? Looking for the key. Here." I give them one last marble I missed, still in my pocket. "You happy now?" I say nastily. "Feel smart? Ready to fly now?"

The leader finally asks it. "You just are that way. You're not a man."

"I'm just that way. I'm not a man." I have mixed feelings saying this. Warning bells go off--feels GOOD to identify as a man, it's a gender stretch for me. Feels bad to deny it.

But these guys aren't talking gender, they're talking race. In this context, I'm telling the truth. They're not like me, and they have to live with it, because they can't steal it from me.

Because it IS me.


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