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Dreamed 1995/6/5 by Chris Wayan

My sister Miriel got married quietly, with no ceremony. Now she regrets it, and decides she wants a proper wedding. My other sister Althea calls up to tell me it's set for this Sunday. I can be part of it, she says, PROVIDED Althea's convinced I'll behave. I've been avoiding Miriel for a year or two, after all. Maybe I'll try to spoil her big day!

I'm furious, insulted. I try to control myself because I don't want to upset her girl friend Cary, who's also here--and who I'm strongly attracted to, always have been.

But Althea repeats it, and I finally have to confront her: "Althea, who are YOU to tell me whether I'm fit to go to Miriel's wedding? That's her choice and mine--not yours. What makes you think you're some kind of wedding bouncer?"



My mom calls to tell me that Althea's husband left her, probably for good. She plans to go back to school and get a degree... as a licensed marriage and family counselor?

Man, why do I even bother dreaming? For surrealism, you just can't top this planet.

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