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Mission to Macedonia

Dreamed 1919/7/6 by William Archer

A bald man, with somewhat marked, pointed features, appeared beside me and said mysteriously "Will you go to Macedonia?" I understood him to imply "on some secret Government mission".

I said either to him or to myself: "Now here is a case of a prophetic dream. I dreamt last night that someone said to me: Will you go to Macedonia? and though I could not remember who it was, I am now sure it was you".

I thought it might be my duty to go, but alleged my ignorance of Greek as an objection, and the matter was left undecided. Then Granville Barker came up to me and said: "Are you prepared to go on a Mission--I won't say where, unless you accept".

I said: "I think I know--the same proposition has just been made to me by--", and then I found I could not tell the name of the other man, and was quite put out by what I took to be a grave lapse of memory. I tried to describe the man, and said: "Surely you know--the man who is going to marry my sister".

Afterwards I remembered that the man was a certain actor, a very good actor, to whom I never spoke. I found myself talking about him, not to Barker, but to Vedrenne, who said: "Oh yes, he's a good actor, but he drinks".



Archer doesn't comment on it at all, but what fascinates me is this: he dreams he had a dream which is proven predictive in the morning--only to find later that the confirmation iself was a dream too. I was starting to wonder if I was the only one to face such telepathic teases and predictive pranks (and asinine alliteration--sorry.) I've built a page for such pseudo-ESP dreams; at last I'm not alone on it.

--Chris Wayan

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