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Musician and Foxtail

Dreamed 2009/2/14 by Wayan; Dreamverse #40.
A thin red-haired girl carrying a guitar down a rainy street. Colored pencil sketch of a dream by Wayan. Palo Alto in the rain. Umbrella overhead.
Gleaming shops, slick black lots; I'm following a band.
I only know the bassist. Scarecrow of a girl.
Dark raindappled jeans, red hair. Shy sly smile.

She and her bandmates splash up the steps
of a house thirty years ago I knew well.
Still it resonates, that shell--
back then, called Prometheus. On psychodrama nights
hippies met, in conclave-ring--no stage apart for us.
From rim you bravely deeped a breath
stepping center-stage
to bare whate'er you dare.
Inner Theatre's where
I learned the depths a soul could sound
when centered, seen by all.
We dove into encounter, passion-full.
But now just bones and dust abound
in counterculture's lair.

Oh really? Slow the door gold-gapes,
kitchen warm. Band-silhouettes greet
their ulti mate. Her face heart-shaped,
amiable, sultry, ringlet-framed
in russet or dark blonde.
Purple tanktop, green wrap-skirt
(down to secret ankle feet)
parting at the back to free
a long leaf-shaped... tail?
Fish-vertical, no beaver she!
Cutout ovals inset the tailsides,
never bored clean through.
Stiff paper by its spring, her tail
sweeps a sprawling arc when she
turns, as wide as she is tall.

Even as human the singer's hot,
but irresistable tailed:
a Regency fox, our Lady Reynardine!
And her air's so fox-natural
that I forget, enthralled,
her vixen's masquerade,
not born. But then aren't all
true kitsune self-made?

Girl wears a huge cardboard fox-tail with holes cut in it. Dream sketch by Wayan; click to enlarge.



I go see Cuckoo. An intense show--but strangely fun, despite the dark subject. The actresses who play Madison's alts get to go all out; they clearly have a lot of fun getting to regress to a bratty inner zoo. There's a freedom and a glee in being an alt--embodying one mood or memory, your passion gains a purity rarely seen among normal souls. Not to idealize multiplicity; but it's great on stage.

After the show, I talk to the star and playwright Madison Clell, and Lisa Drostova too. Both really cute! They don't physically resemble the two dream girls, but do have similar energy; I think the dream anticipated meeting them.

Neither one mentioned being a musician as well as an actor, but now I wonder. Certainly the dream's saying either "find more musicians to play with" or "get back into acting"... or both. But also, I hear a further hint: "Don't SEEK what you like, BECOME it! Build the right tail, be what you want. You grow into roles only if you step onstage to play them."

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