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Nic's Thousand Paintings

Dreamed 2017/7/9 by Wayan
For Nic Griffin, AKA Lotta Rubbish

A year or two back, my friend Nic
And her buddy swore "I'll paint two pic
Tures a day!" Her friend did a few,
But Nic

Persevered. Now she's near a thou
Sand acrylic panels. I feel cowed
By her discipline. I could never do
Two a day--so detailed! Not even two
A week.

Impressive too. Now so tech
Nically complex. Her mastery of mass,
Value, perspective, shadow and reflec
Tion have grown. But to my bewil
Derment, composition and hue are still
Weak. Herculean practice! Why're those two
Aspects still stuck?

Nic says "I journal in paint--only dare scenes
I really saw that day. Your fancied beings,
Settings or deeds, I all forbid." Precisely po
Lar opposite of my dream-art! I lack real mo
Dels for my work;

Memory's all, for me. Re-inspired, I spread work
Buried in folders now for months. Skeletal il
Lustrations of epic dreams. Ten sketched at least!
But dark and muddy still. Dour hues. I must
Redo! No thousand; ten; a day's work. My skill
Will do--if I'll just do my will. Uncork!

Nic Griffin as an octopus painting with eight hands. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


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