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Dreamed 1999/4/6 by Chris Wayan

A black mare in heat raises her tail to me

I meet a nightmare. Nightmare's beautiful. A lovely, lithe black mare, with pale mane and tail, moon-silver.

My nightmare's in heat. She backs toward me, raises her tail, baring her cunt, and wiggles seductively, eagerly.

My pulse rises.

My cock does too.

A human girl standing by me says coolly, "I read a study that said people occasionally get a rare disease from having sex with horses."

I read that too--the odds are low, but not zero. And of course my nightmare could kick me! A lot more likely.

I'm hesitant to fuck her. But she desperately wants me to, and if I won't get hurt, I want to. More than I want the girl beside me. I don't understand her.

Nightmare, I understand.

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