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Dyed silk about 3' square, on shamanic dreaming, 1991, by Chris Wayan

One of my first silk paintings--crude, I admit, but intense. I'm a dreaming man--you can tell I'm in REM state by the erection (one sign of REM, both in men and women, is apparent sexual arousal, regardless of the dream's content. Yep, dreaming turns everyone on! The brain's so excited the body just follows...)

Out of me rises my coyote soul, to meet my green-haired, horse-tailed guide, my anima, who's pointing the way toward tonight's journey...

my coyote soul rises from my sleeping body, to meet my green-tailed anima. Click to enlarge.
Sadly, the dusky blue dye I used to make it a night scene turned out to be less fixed than the reds and yellows; most washed out in the rinsing process. Turned it into a rainbow chaos! I've just now tried to color-correct it digitally, but it's still jangly compared to my intent. In place of stars, drops of blood; instead of the moon, a psychotic snail.

I want to paint this again, in watercolor perhaps, with subtler night-tones.

But maybe subtle just isn't me...

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