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Oracle--Sea Change

Dreamed 1999/5/6, painted 1999, acrylic, 34.5 x 50", by Jenny Badger Sultan

'Oracle--Sea Change', painted by Jenny Badger Sultan. Click to enlarge 'Oracle--Sea Change', painted by Jenny Badger Sultan. Click to enlarge


Stephanie and I are in the ocean. At first it seems like we are standing in fairly still water, maybe up to our waists or less. We are talking. Stephanie is wearing a short sleeved dress or shift. I donít know what I am wearing. At a certain point, big swells begin to come in and it is inevitable that we are completely wetted. We give ourselves over to this.

Then I see some fairly large waves coming in--now weíll really get wet, go under as the breaking wave goes over us. We do and itís fine.

We start to go in to shore. Stephanie is a bit ahead of me. She is in shallow water. The water is beginning to pull back and recede and I am pulled back and out, as a large wave gathers itself. Stephanie looks alarmed for me. I indicate that itís all right. As the big wave comes breaking towards me, I give myself to it and it carries me right up onto the sand--like a great body-surfing ride. I get up and tell Stephanie that was a great ride. We walk up onto the beach, to a place where we seem to be camping.


"Stephanie" is the late Stephanie van Zandt Nelson, with whom I did dream work for about 15 years.


--Jenny Badger Sultan


This could be a simple dream of friendship, but it may well be that Stephanie here means dreamwork! At first they're wading; the waves get bigger, they're in deeper. But rather than finding this frightening, Jenny rides the wave...

--Chris Wayan

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