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Parlor Game

Before 1961, by a bridge builder's wife, as reported to the Rhine Institute

Sometimes a conducive mental state can be achieved under impromptu conditions, as at a party. Off guard, ready to pick up any passing impression, an amateur "fortune teller" may sometimes seem to exercise ESP.

A young woman in a western state had such an experience. Her husband was engaged in bridge construction. One evening they were invited to their neighbor's. A young man named David, who also worked on the bridge, and other young people were present. After a time someone suggested fortune telling and she was asked to be "it." She says:

I found myself surrounded by interested people. I thought, "Why not let them have some fun?" and as I was acquainted with everyone present it was not difficult to create an amusing situation, although sometimes the guessing was of the advanced tall-tale order.

I had about gotten to the end of the readings before I got to David. The instant he took the cards from my hand I knew that something unusual was about to take place. My hands became icy cold and my whole body tensed. All of the blood in my body seemed to go to my head and my face was burning like fire. I said to David, "Where are you going?"

"San Francisco in two weeks," was his answer.

I said, "No, you are not going to Frisco, and you will be leaving within twenty four hours on a long journey by rail and water."

David replied that his work would not be finished for two weeks and he was not going any place else until that time and that it would be Frisco. I repeated what I had just told him and knew that he was going on that long trip.

By that time all merriment had ceased. Everyone seemed to feel something ominous hovering in the room. After partaking of light refreshments we returned home. We had hardly entered when my daughter asked why I had told David what I did. I replied that I did not know why or where but that I did know that he was going, and within the time that I had told him.

The following morning I saw David leave for work shortly before my husband left. Scarcely half an hour had passed before I saw him return, and soon followed by my husband, who told me, "Jack was killed on the bridge this morning just after he started to work and David is leaving tonight for Nova Scotia with the body."

Jack's uncle was superintendent on one section of the work and Jack's home was about thirty miles from where David's mother lived. He asked Jack's uncle if he would like him to accompany the body home. The response was immediate and within twenty four hours David was on his long trip by rail and water.

SOURCE: Hidden Channels of the Mind by Louisa E. Rhine, 1961, p. 199. Account untitled, author's name witheld; title & byline are mere search aids.

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