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Drawn 2006 by Wolf Nymph (Katie Hofgard)

Wolf-tailed girl leaning on a wall turns and glares with yellow eyes. Between her hands is magic fire; on her thigh is a huge tattoo of a stylized wolf breathing fire; yet she's nude and raising her tail.


This one's not a dream. I wanted to draw something beautiful to look at, but also embodying the power all women have in them. We are all emotionally powerful, it's just a matter of harnessing intense passions like anger, to do something positive with them.

I think we can be the most beautiful when in a state of pure emotion. A woman with passion is a beautiful woman.



Ooooooh... Fire at one end, raised tail at the other. Whew! You know, that ought to feel ambivalent and warn me off. Nope! And I'm not into bad girls, either. She comes across as strong, not mean. Why?

Some anger is dull, habitual, unthinking, mere prejudice and bad temper: smoky, smoldering fire. This girl's alert, wary, fierce, yet willing to consider... well, almost anything. A bright clear flame. How can she NOT be beautiful?

Katie's idea here applies to all of us who try to cultivate calm and restraint. Showing fire (both anger AND sexual excitement) is a good thing. It's the jerks who track their stupid, sullen soot all over your heart who give fire a bad name. There is a difference. And since seeing this, I've been acting a bit freer, just to see if people really dislike my flirting, anger, nosiness, tears... I've been surprised. They LIKE the passionate me! More than the old restrained mature me. I figured I'd enjoy acting out, and they'd like me less--just wondered if the hassle and dislike I'd get would be mild enough to be worth it.

Wrong question! Instead, most of them like me better. The people have spoken--for fire.

The right question: have I got the courage to bare my fire?

--Chris Wayan

A footnote on the title: Katie's filename was wolf_deamon.jpg, possibly an intentional misspelling of demon, aiming for an effect like Philip Pullman's "daemons" in his compelling book The Golden Compass. But that title ignored her whole point about the beauty of strong feelings--so I titled this rough page-in-progress "Passion." But depending on Katie's wishes, the final version may revert to Wolf Deamon.

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