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Pink Child

Dreamed 2005/5/7? by Wolf Nymph (Katie Hofgard)


I dreamed I was Pink Child and my boyfriend Preston was this! It was great--he scared me at first, but then we were good.

(This page under construction. Full dream story will go HERE.)

A girl, my dream self, curled on my side as if asleep. Despite my name I'm not a child; adult breasts. I have pointed ears, clawed digitigrade feet, long hair and equally long tail streaked pink; the skin over my elbows shoulders knees ankles and cheeks is pink too.

Note: Pink Child was originally drawn facing left, but has been flipped here to face Preston so you can compare them. Not quite the same species (note Preston's ears and webbed digits) but close. What's a few million years of divergent evolution between friends?

My boyfriend Preston in my dream, in a green loincloth, with long green-streaked hair, webbed hands, finlike ears, sizable claws, and pink patches over his joints like Pink Child.


I'm still hoping Katie will dig out her notes about the dream and tell us the full story. She's busy though; and if Katie's filing system is as chaotic as mine, it may take a while. Oh well, the pictures are gorgeous as is. (Envy envy envy!)

I also hope to find out how they're drawn. Gouache, feltpen, acrylic over xerox? Pure digital? Mixed? I really can't tell.

But don't they make a lovely couple? Of... somethings.

--Chris Wayan

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