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The Power of Moonlight

Dreamed 2010/1/2 by Carla Young

When a character in your dream does something you feel is very alien, it might be your shadow. Shadows express parts of ourselves that we have repressed.


Walking Indian file, in a narrow procession, returning from an event in Hampshire. We go over hills and downs, snaking under the moonlight. My neighbor Jenna is naked as we head toward Hartford House (her home). Her body looks lithe and young, like a slender adolescent. I notice myself adjusting my ruffled collar blouse, making sure I am covered. I think she's being scandalous, showing off her body. I, of course, would never do such a thing. She is completely free, unselfconscious.

Sepiatone drawing or watercolor of hikers on bare hill in moonlight. One is nude; another, in a blouse with ruffled-lace collar, looks shocked, perhaps envious.


I would like to feel freer and be less self-conscious.

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