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Punkzine Ballerina Underwear

Dreamed 1995/4/25 by Chris Wayan

Me as a punkzine writer / fat ballerina. Click to enlarge.

I live in a little French Mediterranean town of narrow cobbled streets, bakeries, cafes. But it's in America! An oasis in the dull suburbs south of San Francisco, on the shores of Crystal Springs Lake.

I'm a short chubby dyke. Fat hips and thighs I don't like--I'm just a pink lump. I wear punk outfits and I don't own a car. I ride a bike. I run a small publishing house, write and edit a punkzine.

Today I went out to Xerox a manuscript we're printing. Get on my bike, start out... then pause, worried about my jeans. Torn up knees don't matter, but rips showing my ass do--the local cops have been harassing people in the park about indecent exposure. Will I get delayed? I'm in a hurry to get this issue out.

Wait, I'm wearing Jamie's ratty old black ballet leotard under the jeans. Tight, skimpy, holes of its own, but it covers enough of the holes in my jeans to make me street legal.

Wait a minute. I don't need to copy this manuscript! I forgot--I HAVE a copy. Guess I was really just itching to get out and test the jeans.

Do I unconsciously WANT a confrontation with the cops? But then what's with these two layers--each one with holes, but covering each other?


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