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1990; digital illustration of dream series, 1984-5 by Chris Wayan

I had a string of dreamlets about someone whose own friends called her "a sex kitten". I was charmed and attracted even though she did seem a bit immature and attention-hungry... I wasn't quite sure WHAT I felt... till I had this clarifying dream:

I dream I'm a boy trying to have sex with a a puppy in first heat. She's eager but just too small.
Taboos sure are relative: in Freud's time sex was taboo, so dreams used symbols to talk about it--while for me, growing up in the heat of the feminist movement, sex was okay but criticizing women was taboo... so my dreams use sex to stand for NONsexual taboo ideas!

Such as "she's cute, she's hot, but immature: she lacks intellectual or spiritual capacity." I dismissed my suspicions as sexist, until I felt it so physically in the dream--she was impossible to mate with!

Not because she's a bitch, just... a puppy.

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