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Recurring School Nightmare

Dreamed & © July 1995 by Julie Doucet.
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Color comic of a dream by Julie Doucet. Julie is back in elementary school in El Paso, Texas.
Color comic of a dream by Julie Doucet. Julie knows the school lessons, why must she repeat them?
Color comic of a dream by Julie Doucet. Julie asks 'what the hell am I doing here? I'm a working person! I'm making a living! I'm...'
Color comic of a dream by Julie Doucet. Julie stands up in her Elementary School nightmare and says 'I am a professional cartoonist, goddammit!' and walks out.


Dreams like this are not just expressions of insecurity. They're deliberate opportunities for Julie to declare who she is, that she's accomplished a miracle (no one makes a living as a professional cartoonist!) The dream even prompts her to realize she's grown up--notice how her cowed classmates studying the alphabet are all guys with whiskers and girls with breasts.

As she announces her calling and walks out, the girl in back says "wow." Exactly. Why the hell don't we all stand up?

"Recurring School Nightmare" is from Julie Doucet's collection of dream-comics, My Most Secret Desire. Dark, dense, and intense, her dreams are full of sex (and sex changes), birth, cats, crazy guys, nightmares, recurring dreams, even a bit of lucidity. One of very few cartoonists to have published a whole book of dream-comix, and one of VERY few women to manage it. Strongly recommended for dreamaholics. And for artists (or adults!) who need to be reminded they're real.

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