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Sea Eagle

Dreamed by Robert Moss, date unspecified

Though I have lived outside my native Australia for most of my adult life, something of the Dreaming seems to live in me, and creatures of the Dreamtime sometimes cross the ocean to call me back. At very important passages in my life and the lives of my family members, a sea eagle I remember from boyhood in Queensland has come into my dreamspace and flown me back to Australia.

Once the sea eagle launched me on a journey that led to a Dreaming place of the Mununjali of southern Queensland. When a 'spirit man" of the Mununjali heard my dream as the result of a "chance" encounter in Beaudesert, he led me to the exact place of power, on a bend of a muddy river, that I had previewed in the dream.

Source: The Secret History of Dreaming (p.10-11) by Robert Moss, the pioneer of Active Dreaming. Moss's other books include Conscious Dreaming and Dreamgates.

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