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Dreamed 1999/1/29 by Chris Wayan

A strange baby creature, like a mix of a kitten and a human child. More kitten-sized. She crawls up to me and sucks the tip of my finger, bites gently. Sexy feeling, I feel turned on, but embarrassed.

She rolls over and begs me to pet her. I do, shyly. She grabs my finger and pulls it to her crotch, and wiggles her hips eagerly, tries to push my fingertip in. I feel uncomfortable about that--particularly since her mom's standing right here watching!

Mom's a teenager, appears quite human. I guess the baby's dad was some kind of big cat! Wow, she's more broad-minded than my mom was...

So I go ahead and masturbate the kitten while she breastfeeds. She purrs, coos, giggles, exactly between cat and human baby. Her aura is extraordinary now--she's in absolute bliss. Got just what she wanted. I relax. I've never seen anyone so happy before! If it makes her this happy, it can't be wrong.

And even her mom seems to approve of me fondling her little baby pussy! Different species, different rules, I guess.

Or maybe the truth is, no rules at all. Just notice bliss.


My friend Kirsten gave me a catalog from Delia's (mail-order fashion for girls and teens), and said "you'll like this as much as I do!" (she likes girls). True--full of cute teenage girls with tastes rather like mine. Bright colors, goofy looks. But I felt guilty I was attracted to underage models. But the dream says... so what if I fantasize? Even if I acted out, got involved with a teen who's weird like me, so what, really? I pay attention to people I care about, and I LIKE making them happy! What protects people in sexual relationships is love and equality, basic RESPECT--not age, not rules, not law. What gays have fought thirty years to prove!

I've internalized America's demonization of sex till I fear abuse behind every sexy feeling.

Throw it out, throw it all out.

Joseph Campbell said "Follow your bliss." But why stop there? Notice others' bliss too. It's not hard. Bliss radiates.

Follow bliss--not rules, not law--bliss.

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