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Dreamed 1982/3/28 by Chris Wayan

I'm reading a book by Jung, on the nature of the Shadow--the figure in dreams embodying all we deny about ourselves.

But it turns out I'm wrong. This book's by FREUD!

It's no wonder I mistook him for Jung though. He make big concessions to Jung--admits that Shadows do exist. But Freud argues there are two kinds of Shadow. One's composed of things your ego rejects as being beneath you, not good enough for the ego to identify with... and this corresponds pretty well with Jung's idea, and with Freud's own theory of the Id, as a flooded basement full of repressed urges.

But, claims Freud, there's a second, less well-known sort, composed of things rejected for being too good. You can't believe that's you! So you deny it.

The shadow of darkness, the shadow we know... and the other shadow.

A shadow composed of light.

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