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Dreamed 1997/3/8 by Chris Wayan

My girlfriend Silky develops a slow, elaborate plan to take revenge on a big fat man. I'm unsure just what he did so long ago--but it was terrible, and apparently when the cops came, they believed him and blamed the victim. It's been eating at her ever since. So on D-Day, she plans to shoot him. She has a gun and an elaborate plan to re-enact the circumstances to remind him of his wrongs, then execute him once he faces his crime.

But a friend learns of her plot and fears her self-destruction. Doesn't care if Fatso drops dead, but he doesn't want Silky to turn killer. She's letting this guy's crime (and the cops' complicity) ruin her.

I don't know quite WHAT Fatso did, but I do know just WHERE he did it. Double doors opening on a theaterlike space full of bars, mirrors, and sliding panels. A confusing place! Silky's friend lures them both there, and springs a surprise re-enactment on them.

Silky's ready to kill the guy, but has no weapon. Her friend play scene-director, yells "Re-enact it differently!" Silky does, defending herself. Only this time, no cops come to salt her wounds. They run through it several times, with variations.

He hasn't really made amends, and she's still enraged, reliving it--but at least she hasn't killed him. Encouraging! Maybe her vengeance-wave has crested, and now it can run down... though there may be secondary waves to go through.


I think the dream's saying you can sneak back through micro-cracks in time, using uncertainty at a quantum scale to let you go back literally--more than a therapeutic reenactment! If you shift the past, the present alters retroactively, within uncertainty's limits--and they're far broader than Shroedinger admitted. Damn near the whole world's a probability stew.

You CAN go home again! And fix it. Well, tweak it.

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