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Six Dreams

Dreamed by Jim Shaw, c.1994.

1: I was looking for a place to masturbate at my folks' house but the bathroom was a large bathtub with several inches of water. 2. I was in my hometown looking for "silver star" medals (given to wounded soldiers) in a thrift store but it was closing. I snuck in & in the back room, Chris Wilder was looking for surfboards & Meg was playing a wide piano-swimming pool with built-in rhythm track.
Flooded bathroom and a water-filled glass piano. Dream sketches by Jim Shaw. Click to enlarge.
3. Marnie & a friend & I were in this odd gated rail station in NYC & had no hotel to stay in. We walked around & went to a semi-posh restaurant & were seated in the budget section. Our friend whispered to the waiter about our lack of funds & made a deal for free food. She stripped off her clothes & struck various venus-esque poses. I couldn't figure out the menu which was to me an incomprehensible bunch of colors & symbols so I ordered a chicken sandwich. 4. I ordered a pizza but I was brought a gutted & pressed golden retriever, just like my dog. Its liver was a meat patty & it was still alive, so a chef came out to kill it.
Stripping for free food in a posh restaurant; get served a living, wounded dog. Dream sketches by Jim Shaw. Click to enlarge.
5. In the San Joaquin Valley, Marnie & my folks find a hotel-thrift store run by a former L.A. collage artist. I find a peculiar hair wrap for Marnie & then a set of dolls designed to teach girls to be prostitutes. 6. A strange animated interspecies sex/political cartoon of a rhino rubbing butts with a bear-elephant.
Doll set to teach kids to be prostitutes; rhino rubs butt with an elephant-bear. Dream sketches by Jim Shaw. Click to enlarge.

SOURCE: Jim Shaw's Dreams, Jan. 1995, Smart Art Press. Dreamed 1987-95, probably 1994.


Six dreams in one night! Shaw drew them all as one laconic, crowded page. Yet don't they break rather neatly into three pairs?

--Chris Wayan

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