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Small Miracles

two dreamlets, dreamed 2008/9/7 by Wayan.
For David Lake and Meg Cabot. You'll see why.

1: Barberry

My home's a Victorian five floors tall.
I wake at dawn and wander halls...
Everyone here's a late sleeper but me;
all's chilly, dim and lone.

The kitchen sports a square of early sun.
I sit squarely down, fold my long legs un-
der, read a poetry book, sun gold on
my back as bare feet warm.

On the floor appears a dark blue plum.
No, a barberry! Almond- or sloe-shape,
midnight blue. Also called Oregon Grape;
but even up there, they never grow
three full inches long.

No shock. Visitations are daily fare
in our labyrinth-home. Small miracles
leap to us like flying squirrels
from far time-branches. But I've no spare
witnesses, this dawn.

On impulse, I let this one get away:
     act empirical!
          Rather than cart
             my alien fruit around town

shocking botanists (easy prey!),
     I eat the miracle.
          Bittersweet, tart.
             Today I'll plant the stone.

Sketch of a dream by Wayan: In a yellow bathrobe I sit and meditate in a sunny spot on the floor.

2: Tiny Scientists

Out of the future, a naked researcher
teleports into my home: a cheer-
ful waif not five feet tall.

My housemate Alder knows this stray
Eloi, and warns "two more today
will likely soon appear."

The sisters do: elfin blondes too,
clonish as triplet dolls. So do
nude nerds rule our future?

All three serene, relaxing as easy
in their skins as cats. So sexy.

But our heatwave just broke;
the Frisco fog is back. Our
body-taboos may be a bore,
but they'll need insulation here
in the interglacial past.

So I rummage my closet, toss a storm
of hats and sweaters and shirts
big enough to be ponchos, dresses
on these Munchkin flirts.

I avalanche-bury the trio in warm,
Then seeing my overhelpfulnesses,
Wake bewildered. Dawn.

Sketch of a dream by Wayan: three tiny blonde time-traveling scientists in borrowed T shirts and sweaters draped over their shoulders. They examine a strange blue fruit that also appeared. Click to enlarge.

Sketch of a dream by Wayan: a huge blue barberry or Oregongrape that appeared from nowhere on my floor.


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