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So Ask Yourself This Question

Digital nondream picture-poem by Chris Wayan.

I had a horrible realization that computers are useless. Add up the hours you work to buy and run them, throw in files trashed, and compare it to hours saved.

And what do we save time FOR, mostly? Joy, or just distraction?

I tried to make my rant joyful--that's what we have to hold out for!

The horse seen three times in mid-leap? "You know this horse. You broke her. You rode him. With your big old fat-ass mind."

a horse leaps for joy across a field of text saying computers make us MORE workaholic not less

The blurry look is because this was painted digitally, but the file got corrupted. Computers know, you see. If you expose the truth about them, they censor it!

But years later I found a surviving printout of the picture in a forgotten notebook, and scanned that...

Once burned, twice digitized.

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