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Dreamed 1994/7/19; 1996 digital portrait by Chris Wayan

A digital sketch for the illustrated dream-tale A Sphinx's Sketchbook, a dream that changed my life. In it, a sphinx named Tehura visited our world, making notes and sketches on our curious native customs. Tehura's confident, feline character sort of rubbed off on me as, week by week and page by page, I cartooned what I could recall of her adventures. It felt like an extended series of interviews that ends up revealing more about you than your subject...

Beautiful sphinx on a cliff-edge, leading me onward; sepiatone on blue background.

As of 2001, the drawings and text of A Sphinx's Sketchbook are just too detailed, interwoven and designed for book pages to easily put on the Net, but if I manage it I'll add a link below. [I finally did--2017!]

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