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Sprinters and Sphinx

Dreamed 2009/11/13 by Wayan

You know the game! Flea over this fourlane
carhonk artery. Your rivals? Mad hoppy men
(women won't die for prizes). I dunno what you win,

But then, neither the locals do. Not since the new
silver diving team. Their helmetheads are ice.
Belljars crazed as autoglass; translucent hints of face.

Seeing out's as hard as seeing in; and their
frostblindicap charms the judges even more.
But I suspect a somehow cheat. Ice hides their eyes.

Who's in there? Ha! Two thaw the headrime, to climb
the podium for gold and silver medal. Bearded little
smirking squirts. Oh, they fixed it, though I dunno how.

They peel at last those wrinkled pressure suits. Eww!
Inside, no human skin. Flesh transparent through
and through. Men of glass alive, or silicon gel.

Faces mere masks. Their icy flesh, synthetic, fast,
is their Olympic edge--not heart, not skill.

Two pressure-suited... men? made of silicon gel or ice. One holds a medal. Click to enlarge.
I fear peer-pressure now--upgrade us all
to high-performance ice. I seek my wise
friend the Sphinx. Frozen she already? But

I love her as is! Can't bear to lose the warm
of rough fur, see umber wingplumes turn
pale and winterfloe! A cat of snow austere.

I wander the crowd shouting "Sphiiiiinx!"
Dawns with a shock that I've never known
my old friend's true name. Has she got one,

Need one? She's the Sphinx after all,
not a. Unique. Surely a term for you
alone's most personal and namish. Still

Would she treasure one or two-three true
names proffered by a beloved? And fear
proves I love. I cried to my hawk-mate: no mere

Amity; it's amour. When will I confess to her?
For if I don't, how can she say I do?

A winged female sphinx flirts, arching her back. Click to enlarge.


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