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The Supercells

Dreamed ca. 2005/3/4 by Anonymous #37

I was in the US Army, stationed somewhere in Tornado Alley. We were responding to a massive thunderstorm, the likes of which have never been seen in real life. A supercell. Nay, a SUPER supercell. In the dream, there were other storms like it around the world. They were the result of unchecked global warming, and were expected to become a permanent feature of life (or better yet, death) on Earth.

We were standing on a large, flat field near some farmer's house, and I witnessed a veritable forest of funnel clouds forming and touching down in the field. The funnel clouds stretched all the way to the horizon, and were just as densely packed in every direction. Everything would be destroyed.

I looked behind me to the farm house. Inside, the farmer's wife sat in a rocking chair, sewing something, oblivious to the danger she was in. I moved to warn her that she should move to her storm cellar, but the Lieutenant, sitting in his World War II era Jeep, ordered me to stand my ground. "Your job is to PRETEND!" said the LT.

In other words, I was supposed to pretend that everything was okay, and deliberately deceive the farmer's wife out of thinking there was any need to move to the storm cellar. The existence of these supercells was a government secret, and the Army's mission in that field was to make sure it stayed that way, even though it was completely futile, since people would notice the destruction caused by the tornadoes. But there was no talking the LT out of this madness. He was absolutely committed to blindly carrying out the insane orders of his superiors.


Anonymous 37 has lots of apocalyptic dreams; the ecological prediction here is mild for 37, so I'd say this dream's more about denial than apocalypse. But what kind? Is it literal, just a bitter example of how dishonest our government can get? Or is it metaphorically flaming a person 37 faced that day--some rigid boss or imbecilic bureaucrat? Or does it expose some inner denial that 37's dreams are mad about--is 37 furious at 37?

Without context, we can't know. Any dream-theory assuming all dreams are one sort--inner, outer, literal, metaphoric, personal, about the tribe--is hopelessly narrow. Even a single dreamer may have all these types, and more.

--Chris Wayan

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