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Tarzan and Jane in Suburbia

Dreamed 1993/7/11 by Chris Wayan

Tarzan throws a party with Jane in their suburban California home. It's a ranch house, with tropical additions, on the edge of a jungle. Tarzan, with halting language skills but great natural gifts, has made huge concessions so Jane, a modern woman, can commute to work and keep her career moving, can entertain, can live in First World comfort... She's more articulate, and I wonder if she used her arguing-skill to mostly get her way.

Yet Jane's complaining to her friends about the place! She seems unaware Tarzan's gone more than half way--left Africa for her. What concessions has she made for him? I'm shocked, hearing what sounds like genuine anger--she seems truly aggrieved by his animality, and he's gone so far for her sake.

If this goes on, he might have to leave her!

And she seems not to sense it.


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