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Dreamed 1993/8/6 by Chris Wayan

I meet a Wolf Cat--a huge creature with a long canine nose, but the slit eyes and fluid moves of a cat. An expert on them warned me "Don't trust Wolf Cats, they're terribly dangerous. They turn on you abruptly." But I get no such sense, and I trust my sense. So I let it sniff me, and pet its head. Slowly, we make friends. We curl up together and lounge on a big wood stump.

The Wolf Cat yawns wide. Past sharp teeth I can see... directly into its stomach! Weird papillae or little red tastebuds cover its walls, rather than the smooth or ropy muscular lining I expect. The same tastebuds all the way down from mouth to stomach... how odd.

The self-appointed expert walks by again and sees what I've discovered. "Oh no!" s/he says. "Only its victims are allowed to see inside the stomach of a Wolf Cat! Now that you've seen its secret, you have to die!" What secret? It's not at all what I'd expect inside, but...

And the terrible beast?

The Wolf Cat lounges on the stump, idly flicking its tail, contented. A faint purr starts up...

And I realize: why should I believe this expert?

Wrong before, after all. And wrong now.


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