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Dreamed 1986/9/7 by Wayan

A spirit bird, heron-tall,
visits now and then.
Days now my teacher's gone.
I worry; no one's seen.

Query Don the maintenance man.
"Sorry you can't ask
the Silicon Oracle, but I
botched an upgrade. Down."

Skeptical, I test it--slip
Down to the great Consóle.
Three readouts and two sliders--
I know the right one rolls

Time. But balks at now; just shows
fore and aft! What good's
a phobic Oracle? Or has
the eye of now gone blind?

An image flashes white gold tan
fur. Blond bear? And then
That very Yeti eight feet tall
Treads into the room,

terrible as Man. Devour
me? But Bigfoot tears
off her own cream fur! Great hanks.
Under falling curls...

Dusty-rose, indigo and
salmon feathers shine.
Plumage of my teacher-bird.
Teacher's back again.

a yeti or cave bear tears its fur off, reveling a tall blue-black bird inside; sketch of a dream by Wayan.

I do cycle from heron to cave-bear-Bigfoot to heron, from social to call-of-the-wild to social. After too many days around (shiver) humans, I go wild for silence and space. My dreams are cyclic too--a week or two of great recall and clear advice, then a week of dreamnesia. Maybe the lost dreams (I still dream, I feel them, but they evade me) are Bigfoot dreams--they want time off, unwatched! Or deeper than want: need. What if the dreamworker's ideal of perfect recall, perfect interpretation (and for lucid dreamers, perfect control) is like banishing solitude, or sleep... or night?

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